NASA DISCOVERS another Solar System with 8 Planets

NASA Just Found Our Solar System's Twin by Using AI

"Our solar system now is tied for most number of planets around a single star", NASA said in a statement. The planet was found in information from NASA's Kepler Space Telescope.

Kepler-90i itself is a sizzling hot, rocky wasteland barrelling around the Sun every 14.4 days.

"(It was) an approach to artificial intelligence in which computers 'learn, '" NASA explained in a press release.

An eighth planet has been discovered orbiting the distant star Kepler-90, proving that our eight-planet solar system isn't unique after all. "This finding shows that our data will be a treasure trove available to innovative researchers for years to come", said Hertz.

The computer uncovering infinitesimal change in brightness from the planet, whose weak transit signals made it hard to detect the first time around, paved the way for Kepler-90i to show itself.

One day, artificial intelligence might even be used to search specifically for more Earth-like planets, which have proven hard to pin down.

He believes that machine learning promises the possibility of discovering more distant worlds based on the signals they transmit no matter how weak they may be. Its average surface temperature goes beyond 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which is on par with the first planet in our solar system. Its outermost planet, Kepler-90h, orbits at a comparable distance to its star as Earth does to the Sun. In fact, all eight planets are scrunched up around this star, orbiting closer than Earth does to our sun. He became engaged in exoplanet findings after studying that astronomy, like other departments of science, is quickly being inundated with data as the technology for data acquisition from space advances.

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"Kepler-90i is not a place I'd like to go visit, though", said Vanderburg. The collected data is then analysed by Google's machine learning AI, which is how the new discovery was made. Kepler's four-year dataset consists of 35,000 possible planetary signals.

It uses a technique called the "transit method" of planet finding.

First the neural network was trained to identify previously verified signals and it was able to correctly identify true planets and false positives 96 percent of the time.

"It would nearly be surprising to me if there weren't any more planets in around that star".

"There is a lot of unexplored real estate in the Kepler 90 system", said Vanderburg. Kepler-90i was not the only jewel this neural network sifted out. In the Kepler-80 system, they discovered the sixth planetoid. A research paper on the findings was accepted for publication in The Astronomical Journal.

"These results demonstrate the enduring value of Kepler's mission", said Dotson. Oh, and a Google machine-learning algorithm is responsible for the discovery.

Machine learning had not been applied to data acquired by the Kepler telescope until Shallue came up with the idea, he said.

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