Apple Has Four New HomePod Commercials: Equalizer, Distortion, Bass, and Beat

Siri-us business: Everything you need to know about Apple's new HomePod

Currently, Siri does not communicate with Apple TV, which is a baffling omission considering all the recent work put into developing the latter, and the ease with which Google Home users can use Chromecast to watch something on the big screen.

But earlier this week, my optimism subsided after spending a bit more time with the HomePod.

I remember reading the estimates for HomePod sales back in July of 2017 and it was clear that Apple would have stiff competition from Amazon and Google. But its limitations - mostly Siri - overshadowed the experience. Alert Siri and let the HomePod do the work.

Smart home features are another key front in the Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home comparison, and one of the most compelling reasons to shell out for a smart speaker.

This year, 30 million people in the US will use an Amazon Echo, according to eMarketer, which projected overall voice-enabled smart speak share at 68% for Amazon Echo and 25% for Google Home. The device is 6.8 inches high and weighs 5.5 pounds.

In certain lighting, the shadows of the white model's sponge-like mesh netting appear somewhat worn. But chic it is - it's a sharp-looking piece of technology that'll look good on counters and shelves in the home.

HomePod is a new wireless speaker with built-in Siri controls by Apple. The HomePod also allows hands-free voice calls.

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Inside, eight speakers are controlled by a powerful processor.

But Siri on HomePod can not now hail you a ride through Lyft or Uber, launch a trivia game or arrange for an audiobook to be played.

You can control HomePod from your iPhone, though iOS doesn't make it especially easy. Even in the loud environment of the store and over music playing on the device, Siri was able to easily pick up my voice. You can also sync up two for even richer surround sound. It seems Apple forgot to imbue Siri with personality. The company has made improvements to its voice assistant on iOS over the years, so it's possiblefuture HomePod software will make the voice assistant much smarter. At times, not only did HomePod respond, but so did Siri on my nearby iPhone. Anyone considering investing in a HomePod must be both an Apple device user already, and be willing to use only Apple Music as their streaming service on the device. You can ask Siri "what's the weather tomorrow in Toledo, Ohio?"

You can, however, control smart lights, blinds and other appliances with Siri if they're compatible withApple's smart home platform, HomeKit. Nor can Siri identify your voice as opposed to another family member's voice, something the other assistants can do. Siri has no problem with that on the iPhone and the iPad. That can be turned off in settings.

When using Apple Music though, the HomePod can display an impressive level of knowledge. But it could hinder adoption out of the gate.

Universal praise of the HomePod, which will be available Friday for $349, was about its sound quality, with reviewers saying it is by far the best-sounding speaker in the market.

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