Cig Vapour Might Be Carcinogenic, Mice Study Suggests

Vaping may raise cancer and heart disease risk, study suggests

E-cigarette smoke delivers nicotine through aerosols without burning tobacco.

They found that in comparison to filtered air, e-cigarette vapour damages DNA and also prevents the genetic code from repairing itself.

The scientists looked for mutations to DNA in animals, as well as human lung, bladder and heart cells, when exposed to e-cigarettes for the equivalent of 10 years. Mice exposed to ECS also had reduced DNA fix activity and lower levels of certain DNA fix proteins in the lungs relative to control mice.

While many reports are split on how harmful e-cigarettes are for teens and adults, a new study is claiming that vaping is just as bad for you as picking up a real cigarette. "Understanding the carcinogenicity of [this] is an urgent public health issue", the research published in PNAS stated.

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The results showed that vapor damages DNA and reduces DNA fix activity in the lung, heart, and bladder of mice. However, when the team measured levels of XPC and OGG1/2, repair proteins that fix errors such as adducts, they found them to be reduced compared to ECS-free mice. Norman states, "this study shows us that e-cigarettes should work as part of a supply reduction strategy; increase the price discrepancy between tobacco to harm reduction products like e-cigarettes, decrease tobacco availability and increase harm reduction options". On the one hand, there are doctors and advocates who insist that vaping is a relatively safe, appealing way for smokers to wean themselves off much more unsafe tobacco products. The nicotine in these devices is dissolved in a relatively innocuous liquids such as glycerol (which is used as a filler in cookies) and propylene glycol, which is safe enough to put in ice cream. "It doesn't show that vaping causes cancer".

"E-cigarette smoking may act as a gateway to the more harmful tobacco smoking."

The more than 600-page report examined the health consequences of e-cigarettes with regards to the population as a whole.

Last week a major USA report into the health effects of e-cigarettes found that vaping might be useful to help people quit smoking. They found remarkable differences in levels of potentially toxic chemicals among e-cigarette users and smokers. They are often deemed the "safe" alternative to cigarettes and recent analysis has also shown that people who vape contain 97% less of the lung carcinogen NNAL in their lungs than regular smokers.

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