Mick Mulvaney denies that he's being considered to replace John Kelly

Mick Mulvaney denies that he's being considered to replace John Kelly

As noted by The Hill, former White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned on Wednesday, February 7 after two of his ex-wives claimed that he had allegedly inflicted physical and emotional abuse on them during their marriages.

And at this point, it's looking more and more hard to see how he'll survive. Some staffers who were at the meeting left feeling that Kelly had effectively asked them to lie on his behalf. "We don't need to see photos of bruises to know that".

"In point of fact, 2 ex-wives talking on the record to journalists and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and one ex-girlfriend on background, with a photo of a black eye and a police report, is not 'a mere allegation, '" Tapper said in a tweet quoting Trump's original.

Trump's comments fly in the face of a national movement that has swept the nation-from Hollywood to corporate America-encouraging women to come forward with their accounts of sexual violence.

Kelly has indicated he would step aside if he lost the faith of the president.

"(T) he West Wing continues to function. Porter resigned from his role at the White House shortly after and has called the allegations "outrageous" and "simply false".

White House officials said they learned of the accusations by Sorensen's wife late on Thursday.

The emerging timeline illustrates the degree to which Porter, a clean-cut and ambitious former Rhodes scholar and Harvard Law School-educated lawyer, concealed troublesome episodes from his past that would normally be considered disqualifying for a senior White House aide. President Trump - or "Teflon Don" as some refer to him - has an almost-reflexive tendency to disregard when the media suggests things in the White House have gone to far.

Trump said he was saddened by the charges but pointed out that Porter has denied the accusations.

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If this were just about the public or just about Trump, Kelly would have a much better chance of survival.

Communications Director Hope Hicks, who was dating the staff secretary, helped draft the original statements defending him, according to three current and former White House officials.

The infighting unfolded amid signs of a brewing shake-up in the West Wing. Publicly, he has come to Trump's aid at moments of crisis, while privately he has been used to kill damaging news stories, or put a positive spin on them. He added that it reminds people there are dozens of people working in the White House without full security clearance.

The problem for Kelly with the Porter scandal is that it's a succession of multiplying errors. "He talks about how "Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation" but says nothing about the WOMEN victims".

The statement echoed Mr Trump's dismissive response to allegations of sexual misconduct or abuse made over decades against male friends, colleagues and, above all, himself.

This all feels nearly like an intervention to prevent the White House from digging even more of a hole.

The Trump White House is already a low-brow reality TV show.

Among those to react with anger was Democratic Senator Patty Murray, who responded by saying that women's lives were affected every day by sexual violence and harassment.

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